Saturday, May 30, 2009

goodbye home

I found this shirt the day before I left London, and bought it on a whim solely because of the colour - it's kind of like that Rachel Comey tank that I was coveting (though mine photographs less yellow and more green than it actually is) plus it's slightly oversized so drapes wonderfully. The perfect comfy tee for a 7 hour flight.As for this hat...I bought it when I lived on Chappaquiddick (Martha's Vineyard) the summer after my senior year of college (2007). It was quite pricey, a real Panama hat made in Panama, but worth it because once I bought it, I didn't take it off the rest of the summer. When I got back from the island, I was moving to London, so left it home in my closet, where it has been sadly waiting, losing its shape, to be worn again. I think I'll be taking it back with me though my suitcase is already stuffed to the brim.
Today is one of those days where you wish time would stand still. The weather is perfect, and being home amongst the woods and the quiet, everything feels so serene. I can walk around outside barefoot and fancy-free. So while I should be packing, I prefer to sit on our porch swing and just listen to the quiet surroundings that I will soon be leaving. Goodbye home, I shall miss you.

[Sidenote: Within the next few days I'll be flying back to London, then taking the train to Marseilles and won't be back until June 9th, so the blog will be lying dormant until then. À bientôt!]

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