Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 Again

So, in the last week that I've been home I have been taken for a 16 year old about, oh, 7 or 8 times. Which is quite usual, seven years off, but usual. Indeed, it's not as bad as the time when I went to Chili's with my family, and at the time my younger sister was 9 and I was 20, (note the 11 year difference, accidents happen, lalala), and the waitress asked if we would like two children in children menus that are intended for 12 and under. Uh, no thanks.

Anyway, today was another dreary wet day in Mass (must the rain follow me?), so there wasn't much else to do other than indulge in childish activities. For me that meant gorging on donuts and coffee while making friendship, but selfishly not for friends, but for myself. Or maybe not so selfish since I haven't done such a thing since I was a wee lass and there was a lot of cursing, mistakes and deknotting involved...many hours, a dozen powdered donuts and many Law and Order episodes later...I completed two whole bracelets, one thin and one not-so-thin. Woo hoo. They will now be permanently afixed to my wrist as proud badges of honor...though I suppose this will only encourage rather than dissuade the age-guessing. Alas, alack, I guess my inner child shall have to shine through a little longer.

Ps. See the ring on my middle finger? Got that in Maine at a Native American Jewelry Store. I loved the design so much and got it despite the fact that it is of Kokopelli, whom I was told, is a god of fertility and music. I choose to focus on the latter.

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