Friday, May 22, 2009


...has it really been 10 days since I last posted? Well, during my internet absence I finished my last two exams thus finishing my second year of law school whilst gorging on red velvet cake to get me through, cleaned my apartment, went to see Oliver! the musical as a belated gift, then hopped on a plane to Massachusetts, where I am currently lolling about in the shade trying to stay cool. 94 degree weather, cloudless skies, scorching sun, how I have missed you...mosquitos not so much.

Anyway, yesterday, while searching for maple syrup that was not in the kitchen pantry, I went into the basement where we have an extra pantry for all that good stuff that never expires, and while I did not find any maple syrup and so was left with very depressing Eggos (which I have to eat while home since London appears to be frozen waffle-less), I did find some clothes in the pantry (why, I don't know, my mother is slightly insane)...including something that's been on my spring wish list for forever, a chambray shirt.

I've been on the hunt for a good'un for a while with no avail, and normally I don't turn to my mother for clothing since she is the exact opposite of a pack-rat, but there amongst the ramen noodles and pasta sauces was my perfect shirt with just the right amount of fading to be that perfect chambray colour. With a little bit of begging, (and pointing out that it has a bleach stain, a no-no for her, more charm for me) it is now mine! As is this polka-dot number, that was also hidden in the pantry. So it just goes to show my two favorite things in this very big world, food and clothing, should always mix.

I am off to Maine for the long weekend, so I'm afraid the rate of posting won't be improving much but hopefully I'll have pretty pictures to share when I return. The weather reports right now seems to be confused between sunny and rainy, so please please, for the love of god, pray for sun everyone!

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cpc said...

great shirts! even better setting! I love the new england look.