Wednesday, September 30, 2009

like, whatever

Um, yes, so is it bad that I just purchased this vintage shirt from Nasty Gal? Probably. I've been pretty wary of the whole 90s revival thing, but, I am a bit of a child of the 90s (child, not adolescent, mind you) and watched Clueless on constant rerun despite the fact that I was 9 and didn't get most of jokes (Tai: "I could really use some herbal refreshment" - I really did think she meant tea). Anyway, 'whatever' was (and unfortunately still is, but without that intonation) a regular part of my vocabulary and though its more graphic-y and colorful than I am used to, the tee just called to me. Hello 90s bandwagon, do you mind if I jump on for a little bit?


Holy crap...this $610 Max suit by Opening Ceremony has sent my mind in a tizzy. Random thoughts on it:
  • Who on earth would spend that much money for a onesie?
  • Ok, I would, if I could, merely just to wear it in my apartment to snuggle in on a cold winter's night and pretend like my childhood is now.
  • I wish I had been Max that one Halloween, but was a scarecrow instead.
  • You know what everyone will be this Halloween.
  • I really hope the movie doesn't suck.

Monday, September 28, 2009

take it slow

(found @ tfs)

I spent the weekend trying to resist reading the entire new Lula in one sitting. When it comes to my favorite magazines, especially biannuals like Lula, I like to make them last as long as possible. It's a bit silly, but I like to have a proper sit with a nice cup of tea and slowly go through it, a couple of articles at a time. Normally it will take me a couple months to actually read every article, so that by the time I have finished, the new one is out. This time around though, I couldn't resist looking at all the editorials. It's too good.

good morning

Nothing like a bevy of beautiful, inspirational ladies to wake up to...

ps. The sole thing I want for winter is a proper fairisle cardigan. Come every October, the search begins, come every April, it ends abruptly, with no sweater. Not this year.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fantasy and reality are two simultaneous points of view

The amount of magazine content I consume per month is probably frightening when quantified, but for the amount that I read and gaze over, there are only a select few editorials, and sometimes none at all, that will strike my fancy, lasting in my mind long after closing the page. The ones that stick with me are one of two genres: wardrobe-inspirational or fantastical. I have always looked at fashion simultaneously hoping to be inspired, but also to escape. I don't dress in an incredibly interesting or unconventional way, preferring simplicity over showmanship and so am inspired by those editorials where the styling is more realistically translated. The other type of editorials is completely antithetical. I love them not because they inspire my wardrobe but because they are capable of leaving me in a happy stupor at the visuals and creativity used. For me, it's not about the designers used or the newest trends displayed against a grey backdrop...I like to escape into the drama of the unreal that fashion can create. This editorial celebrating Tim Burton (a favorite since the 1990) is exactly that. I am not so much inspired for real life as I am happy to sit and pour over these images for hours at a time just because they, and the clothes, are so eerily beautiful and full of fantasy.

(Oct 2009 US Harper's Bazaar, found here)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Notes on New York

(Rachel Comey SS10)
(Clockwise from top left: Karen Walker, DvF, Chris Benz, Julian Louie)
(Clockwise from top left: Rodarte, Erin Wasson x RVCA, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren)

I've had so many random thoughts about New York Fashion week floating about my head for the past week, but never worked up the effort to get them out on paper/screen. I blame it on having to wake up at 5:45 everyday for five days and then having to go to work on Saturday as well. Makes me a deadbeat.

Anyway, here are my scribbles on what I loved from the past week...
  • The colours, the layering, belted dresses and of course, the shoes by Rachel Comey. Oh, and her shoulders are still in dire need of one.
  • Rodarte's burned, post-apocalyptic tribal woman -- while the aesthetic did not veer greatly from what they've done in the past, my god, they still are such artists with fabric and design.
  • All the little details at Diane Von Furstenburg: clash of prints, belts and leaves in the hair.
  • The boots at Erin Wasson v RVCA - don't know if they are actually part of the collection, but they were certainly the thing I coveted.
  • The peach palette at Julian Louie.
  • The twee, dainty dresses juxtaposed with the 3-piece suits at Ralph Lauren.
  • Proenza Schouler's amazing tie-dyed dresses derived from scuba gear.
  • The psychedelic/nautical mix that was Karen Walker's show.
  • The fun, flirty rainbow at Chris Benz.
Overall, I was just happy to see less of the bad-ass and more fun injected into fashion week. There were more things that I want to try and translate into my own wardrobe for spring. Though I feel weird thinking about spring when fall has barely begun. Very confusing.

(All photos from; click to enlarge)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Julia Frakes: a little note

Dear Julia,

This is just to say... I am oh-so very jealous of your Pendleton for Opening Ceremony coat, but it's okay because you styled it to perfection, and that makes me happy (which subsequently cancels out the jealousy. Maybe? At least a little bit).

Love, dw.(via stylesightings)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

we weren't there

Just came back from seeing Taking Woodstock. Made me want to trove for pictures of a time gone by. And now it's time for bed. Peace.