Wednesday, September 30, 2009

like, whatever

Um, yes, so is it bad that I just purchased this vintage shirt from Nasty Gal? Probably. I've been pretty wary of the whole 90s revival thing, but, I am a bit of a child of the 90s (child, not adolescent, mind you) and watched Clueless on constant rerun despite the fact that I was 9 and didn't get most of jokes (Tai: "I could really use some herbal refreshment" - I really did think she meant tea). Anyway, 'whatever' was (and unfortunately still is, but without that intonation) a regular part of my vocabulary and though its more graphic-y and colorful than I am used to, the tee just called to me. Hello 90s bandwagon, do you mind if I jump on for a little bit?

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