Saturday, September 26, 2009

fantasy and reality are two simultaneous points of view

The amount of magazine content I consume per month is probably frightening when quantified, but for the amount that I read and gaze over, there are only a select few editorials, and sometimes none at all, that will strike my fancy, lasting in my mind long after closing the page. The ones that stick with me are one of two genres: wardrobe-inspirational or fantastical. I have always looked at fashion simultaneously hoping to be inspired, but also to escape. I don't dress in an incredibly interesting or unconventional way, preferring simplicity over showmanship and so am inspired by those editorials where the styling is more realistically translated. The other type of editorials is completely antithetical. I love them not because they inspire my wardrobe but because they are capable of leaving me in a happy stupor at the visuals and creativity used. For me, it's not about the designers used or the newest trends displayed against a grey backdrop...I like to escape into the drama of the unreal that fashion can create. This editorial celebrating Tim Burton (a favorite since the 1990) is exactly that. I am not so much inspired for real life as I am happy to sit and pour over these images for hours at a time just because they, and the clothes, are so eerily beautiful and full of fantasy.

(Oct 2009 US Harper's Bazaar, found here)

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sprky said...

Amazing pictures. I love tim burton too! And your description of your relation to fashion really shows its two best points. Well said!