Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aye, lassie

Kirsten Dunst's rockin' the cutest lil sailor dress I ever did see. And to make things better, it's A.P.C., from this past S/S 08 line -- sold out of course, cute nonetheless. When the sun returns, I think I shall whip out my own version...which is not quite so sailor-y. You'll see what I mean. dum da dum dum.

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Happy on Chappy

Where I worked, lived, played.

Last summer, I lived on an island off an island (Chappaquiddick, which is just off of Martha's Vineyard, which is just off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts). It was the perfect summer between graduating from university and further learnin'. I was looking through pictures, preferring to swim in nostalgia than sleep, and this one reminded me of two things:

a) I miss my tan (which was acquired even with the diligence of daily spf's the chilean in me). I'm going home (to a more northernly massachusetts locale) in August, and the first thing I want to do is hit the beach to make up for a summer spent in London.

b) I miss my long hair. Though I loved it, I cut it in March, - been long forever, needed a change, blah, blah - but I am beginning to realize that I should've just accepted my long hair, instead of forcing change upon it. When some people find the hair that works for them, they stick with it and it becomes kind of signature part of their look (hello, Anna Wintour's bob, Chloe Sevigny's lovely long & shaggy blond locks). I've had a perpetual battle of cutting & growing out my hair, and I should just accept long hair is more me.

So now, I sit and I stew...waiting for it to grow out and feel a little bit more like me again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Dayz

Oooh, child, the past few days have been hot and humid. But, I'm not complaining, I'll take what I can get (especially since rain is in the forecast).

Ideal summer days = minimal layers, and lots of bare legs, now if only they were longer...(the days and the legs...).

Monday, July 28, 2008

Denim on Denim on Denim on

The double denim rule is one of those classic fashion rules; to break it is inexcusable, a sin amongst sins, a fashion travesty (gasp!). Though I'm not crazy about the idea of fashion rules, for most of my life, I happily nodded along with this one (save for a brief early 90s period of matching jeans and denim jacket -- but I was 8, so all is forgiven) but I've gots to say...

....I'm kinda loving most of the looks above. Especially, Ashley Olsen's take, as well as the French monsieur captured by the Sartorialist (bottom right).

In recent months I have been noticing double denim outfits showing up in editorials, blogs and street style sites, and it got me thinking. I'm beginning to believe that denim on denim can be done...if it is executed with some thought. Less of the matchy-matchy denim, more mixture of different denim washes and it seems less...well, denim.

At the mo' I haven't got the clothes (nor the £) to experiment I made a quick attempt with polyvore (first time use)... I don't know if it would work in person, it's worth a thought.

A final thought: though I am reconsidering the denim rule, I'm thinking more about denim separates - shirts/shorts/skirts/jeans. Still not ready for the jean jacket/denim pant look, eh?

Sigh, say I

Ok, so I'm a little late on this one but...I am kinda obsessed with Lyell's spring/summer 08 lookbook. So yeah, the clothes are beautiful, and if wasn't the end of season/if I could afford it, I'd definitely want to incorporate some Lyell into my look, like dem high waisted pants and that velvet jacket. However, what drew me in was the setting of the lookbook. I am in love with this house! The wallpaper and carpet that clash perfectly, the giant fireplace, that bathroom...sigh, indeed.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the madness must come to an end

All these goodies are floating in the mail for me somewhere...mostly from ebay.

I've been searching for spectator flats for quite sometime now...seems every single pair I find are either too big or too small. Darn my 6.5-7 feet...So, these are not quite spectator but they are two-toned, and that's good enough for me!
Red stacked boots in preparation for fall/winter...luscious red leather. basically, all i could ever want.
So this is not from ebay, it's from forever21...I've never actually shopped there; it became big after I left the States for college (in Montreal, woot!), and I wasn't really dying to explore it anyhow. But, I have also been wanting a simple little jumper for awhile...I was going to ask my mom to make me one for christmas (and will probably still ask...) but I couldn't wait that long and this was so cheap! (for a reason, i know, i know.)

This cardigan is my dream...mainly because of the ugly mustard color of it rather than the lacoste-ness of it. That's incidental.

The moral of the story: ebay -- she's a subtle and sly temptress.

but after mas!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well, la-di-da, la-di-da

While waiting in a salon yesterday, I ended up browsing through "1970s (Images of the 20th Century - Getty Images)" where there was a great candid photo of Diane Keaton (I couldn't find it online). It reminded me of how much I adore 1970s Diane Keaton. Annie Hall is one OF my favorite movies, and Annie's wardrobe, an eccentric mix of masculine and feminine, is now somewhat iconic. The clothes were actually Keaton's own, and are just one representation of her inspiring style. Here are a sampling of some pictures of her in the '70s and early '80s. She's got that kooky, androgynous look down and I love her to bits.

And I'll leave you with the last lines of Annie Hall:
Alvy Singer: [narrating] After that it got pretty late, and we both had to go, but it was great seeing Annie again. I... I realized what a terrific person she was, and... and how much fun it was just knowing her; and I... I, I thought of that old joke, y'know, the, this... this guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doc, uh, my brother's crazy; he thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs." Well, I guess that's pretty much now how I feel about relationships; y'know, they're totally irrational, and crazy, and absurd, and... but, uh, I guess we keep goin' through it because, uh, most of us... need the eggs.

(Images via Getty Images)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rompin' 'round

To be honest, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be wanderin' round town in a romper/play-suit/onesie (terms abound for such a simple thing). I noted the proliferation of them this summer on street style blogs, and also on the streets themselves, but didn't really think that I could, nor wanted to, pull that look off. But, I saw this lil vintage fellow and had to snap it up (purple fronds? how could I not?)... figured, what the hell, I'll give it a go. I actually really kind of love it. Supercomfy; cutesy and oh so PLAY-ful. if they had pockets, they would be perfect! tee-hee.

Monday, July 21, 2008

ERM... an etsy shop

Sometimes I like to lie in bed for an inordinate amount of time, watch old episodes of Project Runway on youtube, drink tea and intermittently browse etsy. Yesterday was such a lazy day, and while browsing I discovered, and subsequently purchased three pieces in a mad fit from the lovely jewelry shop, ERM Originals. (Etsy always makes me into a nervous/compulsive shopper -- what if somebody scoops up what I just favorite-d? At least on eBay, I can watch for 7 days before deciding to purchase. Normally I slowly come to the realization that I can neither afford/need the coveted item in question by the end of the watch period...) Anyway, back to ERM. First of all, I think she may have the best initials ever. Mine are DFW -- which always just sounds like BMW, and really, that's not saying much. More importantly, she creates the most lovely pieces of jewelry (123 pieces in the shop as I type) -- they are so quaint, and charming, very romantic and vintage in feeling (and all for a reasonable price). Go! Browse! Support the handmade craft!

A sampling of some of the (many) things I wanted, but refrained from getting...

All images via ERM Original's etsy shop

Saturday, July 19, 2008

All in the details

Whenever I wear jeans, I feel like I am being lazy...or that I just look plain. But no more, I say. It's easy to fall into the jeans/t-shirt throw-on look (some people seem to work it with a degree of sophistication that I cannot imitate), so I try and avoid that by adding more interesting details so that I don't feel so...blah. A feather fascinator, a vintage brooch and a blouse instead of a tee, all go towards looking less slobby...

Course, there are days when all I will wear is a t-shirt & jeans. But not today, my friends, oh no, not today.