Monday, July 28, 2008

Denim on Denim on Denim on

The double denim rule is one of those classic fashion rules; to break it is inexcusable, a sin amongst sins, a fashion travesty (gasp!). Though I'm not crazy about the idea of fashion rules, for most of my life, I happily nodded along with this one (save for a brief early 90s period of matching jeans and denim jacket -- but I was 8, so all is forgiven) but I've gots to say...

....I'm kinda loving most of the looks above. Especially, Ashley Olsen's take, as well as the French monsieur captured by the Sartorialist (bottom right).

In recent months I have been noticing double denim outfits showing up in editorials, blogs and street style sites, and it got me thinking. I'm beginning to believe that denim on denim can be done...if it is executed with some thought. Less of the matchy-matchy denim, more mixture of different denim washes and it seems less...well, denim.

At the mo' I haven't got the clothes (nor the £) to experiment I made a quick attempt with polyvore (first time use)... I don't know if it would work in person, it's worth a thought.

A final thought: though I am reconsidering the denim rule, I'm thinking more about denim separates - shirts/shorts/skirts/jeans. Still not ready for the jean jacket/denim pant look, eh?

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