Thursday, July 17, 2008

Purple Heart

Ooof. Time for a haircut, it's getting a bit unruly.

I had been wanting a pair of high-waisted pantalones for a while but never really could find anything. I owe the fact that I have these to my lovely friend who mailed them to me all the way from Canada last fall after I saw her wearing the same pair, and complimented her, (in a semi-envious tone). She happened to have an extra pair, and being the gal that she is, she mailed them over. Oh how, I love them. Muchos gracias, E!

Detail shot on the ring...and that's all...

Went to see 'El Orfanato' ('The Orphanage') today at the Prince Charles Cinema (where they play non-new new releases for a mere 1.50 quid matinee). I used to love horror movies, but with the wave of shock/gore/horror movies out there, I stopped going. But this actually harkened back to the classic suspense horror movies that depend more on creating a mood of fear with music and good cinematography rather than just blood/flesh/bleh shots. It definitely caused me to squeal a couple of times, and my hand was over my face most of the time (one eye shut, one eye peeking) more in fear and anticipation than because of anything actually horrifying. All in all, a good Spanish ghost story...and, I believe its out on DVD, so I highly recommend it. And if you're a bit wimpy like me, don't watch alone.

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Margaux said...

I love the ring !