Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy on Chappy

Where I worked, lived, played.

Last summer, I lived on an island off an island (Chappaquiddick, which is just off of Martha's Vineyard, which is just off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts). It was the perfect summer between graduating from university and further learnin'. I was looking through pictures, preferring to swim in nostalgia than sleep, and this one reminded me of two things:

a) I miss my tan (which was acquired even with the diligence of daily spf's the chilean in me). I'm going home (to a more northernly massachusetts locale) in August, and the first thing I want to do is hit the beach to make up for a summer spent in London.

b) I miss my long hair. Though I loved it, I cut it in March, - been long forever, needed a change, blah, blah - but I am beginning to realize that I should've just accepted my long hair, instead of forcing change upon it. When some people find the hair that works for them, they stick with it and it becomes kind of signature part of their look (hello, Anna Wintour's bob, Chloe Sevigny's lovely long & shaggy blond locks). I've had a perpetual battle of cutting & growing out my hair, and I should just accept long hair is more me.

So now, I sit and I stew...waiting for it to grow out and feel a little bit more like me again.

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