Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, Clémence

Clémence Poésy. I love the way she layers and adds different textures to her somewhat monochromatic outfits. (Obviously the magazine shots are less representative of her style, but I just thought they were pretty).While some may label it effortless, I find it more inspiring that it seems that she does put an effort into the way she looks and clearly thinks of the way things go together--it is more intriguing, me thinks.

What's with the desire for the 'effortlessness' look, by the by? It's seems that sometimes people are ashamed/embarrassed to admit the degree of thought put into an outfit, especially because fashion is considered superficial, and therefore not worthy of too much thought. In the grand scheme of things it really isn't and there are definitely more important things in life, but at the very least I can control my appearance (for the most part, sometimes the bangs refuse to cooperate)... so might as well make an effort and have a little fun with it, eh?

Anyway, apparently, Clémence is la "Garçonne we love" this month, so there you go.

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