Monday, July 21, 2008

ERM... an etsy shop

Sometimes I like to lie in bed for an inordinate amount of time, watch old episodes of Project Runway on youtube, drink tea and intermittently browse etsy. Yesterday was such a lazy day, and while browsing I discovered, and subsequently purchased three pieces in a mad fit from the lovely jewelry shop, ERM Originals. (Etsy always makes me into a nervous/compulsive shopper -- what if somebody scoops up what I just favorite-d? At least on eBay, I can watch for 7 days before deciding to purchase. Normally I slowly come to the realization that I can neither afford/need the coveted item in question by the end of the watch period...) Anyway, back to ERM. First of all, I think she may have the best initials ever. Mine are DFW -- which always just sounds like BMW, and really, that's not saying much. More importantly, she creates the most lovely pieces of jewelry (123 pieces in the shop as I type) -- they are so quaint, and charming, very romantic and vintage in feeling (and all for a reasonable price). Go! Browse! Support the handmade craft!

A sampling of some of the (many) things I wanted, but refrained from getting...

All images via ERM Original's etsy shop

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