Monday, June 30, 2008

Still Murder Mystery

I stumbled upon this video created by the Image Archive of Art + Commerce recently. It is a montage of still images from the archives of fashion photography greats, Steven Meisel and the late Guy Bourdain, which creates a loose narrative reminiscent of a film noir murder mystery. Obviously, if you enjoy these photographers' works, you'll like them presented here, but what is interesting is the way Art + Commerce intertwines their work to create a mixed media of still photography and video that is quite evocative.

Here are few photos by the two (the first two = Bourdain, the last two = Meisel), and you can click here to see the video.

La Vie Quotidienne: Sore Throat & Pyjamas (pajamas?)

Sickness in the summer is just awful. With this insanely sore throat that I'm sporting, all I wanted to do is lie in bed in comfort all day. However, errands had to be run. Now, all through university I was rather uppity towards those girls who walked around campus in sweatpants, or worse, pyjama pants tucked into their Uggs. I definitely did not want to pull that look (no Uggs in my closet, thank you) but I had an overbearing desire to remain pyjama-d. So...
I elected to wear my XL men's silk pyjama top (from a charity shop, thoroughly cleaned)...paired with minnetonkas. Got a couple strange looks in the grocery store but in my mind I pretended I was referencing the pyjama suits of the 1970s. (Excuse the facial expression: it's the 'I'm sick and feel like I look it' look).

Upon returning home, me and the bf made banana smoothies and brie, basil tomato sandwiches.I have finally crawled back into bed-- this time in my full pyjama suit--with the plan of soothing my throat with some tea, biscuits, strepsils, fashion mags and harold & maude (to continue the 70s theme). Being sick does have its perks...

(Note the Lula (#6) in the background. I've had it since it came out in February but, since it is only published bi-annually, I really like to take my time going through it. It's a little strange but I'm almost finished!)

A Life in the Country

I love this editorial styled by Nicola Formichetti for the Dazed June 08 issue. Ever since seeing them a month ago they've been stuck in my head. I don't know what it is exactly, probably the plaid, the thick chunky knits and the derelict semi-grunge's perfection. My favorite thing is the thick bunched up socks from...Barbour, no less, the company to go to for that English Gentry look (the Queen thinks so too). All this makes me miss fall...a sentiment, I'll probably regret.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If ever, if ever a Wiz there was...

I ventured to the South Bank today because the BFI (British Film Institute) was screening The Wizard of Oz, a one day only matinee. Being screened at 2pm meant that I was surrounded by many a screaming child, but the flipside was hearing them whisper "How does the horse change colour? It's magic." Plus, the movie itself, on the big screen, is just as wonderful as it always is.

Now, I was the scarecrow once for Halloween, but surprisingly never Dorothy. So for the screening I chose to reimagine Miss Gale's classic gingham farm girl outfit into something she might've of worn if she were a city girl perhaps. I stole the gingham shirt from the bf, added the belt for some edge (Dorothy was a pretty tough cookie) , had the straw clutch (my own straw basket) and of course ruby slippers.
I also added an extra heart in case I should run into a Tin Man of my own...

And lo and behold, I found myself in Oz!

Monday, June 23, 2008

First, of perhaps many....

hello. HELLO. hello? well. this is my very first post on my very new blog; just another tiny voice added to the masses now in the ever-popular blogosphere. I happen to love reading fashion blogs, and in the morning I usually have my coffee with two splendas, and a side of my favorite style blogs, just the way I like it. there are so many creative, inspiring individuals out there (many linked on the right) that have inspired me in a multitudes of ways...but I began to realize that by bombarding myself with others' creativity, I was beginning to question my own...silly, but true. So for fear of losing my sartorial identity (whatever that may be) I've started 'Everything is Nonsense.' Essentially, this blog serves as a space for what inspires me and what makes me happy, and if anyone cares to fall down the rabbit hole with me (too much alice ? love her) you're welcome to. if so, hello stranger.