Monday, June 23, 2008

First, of perhaps many....

hello. HELLO. hello? well. this is my very first post on my very new blog; just another tiny voice added to the masses now in the ever-popular blogosphere. I happen to love reading fashion blogs, and in the morning I usually have my coffee with two splendas, and a side of my favorite style blogs, just the way I like it. there are so many creative, inspiring individuals out there (many linked on the right) that have inspired me in a multitudes of ways...but I began to realize that by bombarding myself with others' creativity, I was beginning to question my own...silly, but true. So for fear of losing my sartorial identity (whatever that may be) I've started 'Everything is Nonsense.' Essentially, this blog serves as a space for what inspires me and what makes me happy, and if anyone cares to fall down the rabbit hole with me (too much alice ? love her) you're welcome to. if so, hello stranger.

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