Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time Stands Still

Well, apparently being home means being a neglectful blogger. Alas, woe is me and all that. I've been spending most my time away from the internet; being lazy, reading, sunning and doing nothing at all really. Living in London, I kind of missed most of summer, and am soaking up the last of it now. It's been a happy reprieve, but I've missed the warmth of my mac on my lap which may equal more blog-attentiveness.

Unless the sun beckons, of course.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

better known among me more intimate friends as...

...the Artful Dodger. He's a sly fellow, one of the more famous of famous Dickens' characters and a sartorial delight.

I recently got a 1907 edition of Oliver Twist, and though I haven't cracked it open yet, I'm kind of excited to immerse myself in Dickensian London, with all that soot, crime and flowery language (with wonderful words like thither and rapscallion!) Without even reading it, I already have a (pop-culture & BBC informed) image of the Artful Dodger in mind and my, is he inspiring: velvet, waistcoats, ascots and a top hat--somewhat sumptuous in his Victorian poverty. I'm on the look out for any of those materials to create my own Dodger circa 2008 outfit (which Lou Doillon has mastered in her jean range for Lee Cooper).

(Vests: pret a portabello, jacket: ebay, shirt: etsy, shoes: asos)

At the mo', what with the credit crunchin' and all, I've resigned myself to the pieces I already have... dug into my closet for an old vest, a blouse with some pleating and my trusty bowler (though I did just buy the shoes in the collage -- sale!). While the bowler's more banker than pickpocket, and not quite 1838, it'll do. For now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig.

I'm going home today. Home being a little yellow house in a little town a little ways away from Boston. Three weeks of sun (please!), mosquitos (oof!) and mom's cooking (yum!). Course, before actually being home, I have to travel to get there. This involves an hour tube ride to Heathrow, 2 hours at the dreaded airport (where I am currently typing) and then getting on a plane for 7 hours. Fun.

Generally, when traveling, my "airplane clothes" consist of a lot of dresses and a lot of american apparel, for the sheer comfort of their clothes. This time however, I am jumping off the plane and going straight to a fancy dinner since my grandma also is in, I had to skip the formula and try to tackle the task of wearing something comfy, yet would make me look impossible fresh after hours on a plane.

My solution:

1. Comfort & prettiness: a flowy, non -constricting dress. Slip on boots, to make security a tad easier.2. Knee socks, so that when I get on the plane and the cold inevitably sets in, I can merely pull 'em up to keep me warm. When I arrive in 80 degree Boston, down again they go.

3. Scarf and cardigan, again to battle the cold plane and yet easily removable to put in my carry-on when necessary.
4. Last, but certainly not least: the two most essential things. I could never get on a plane without my passport, and more importantly, chapstick!

And, coincidentally, my plane is now boarding, so cheerio!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wish list (no. 2)

Here it is. My [preemptive] fall wish list. I didn't realize until I was finished that I am going for quite the neutral palette this fall. Course mixed in with all my other clothes it wouldn't seem that way. I have to keep on reminding myself that this is a wish list, not a check list. If only. [Click to enlarge]
(Top Row: la garconne "belle ingenue" tote, brocade skirt, alexander wang shaggy woolen coat, red corduroy flats, alexander wang zipper sweater)

(Bottom Row: Acne L.U.V. jeans, GAP trench coat, Topshop sweater vest, Uniqlo corduroy skirt, Topshop Unique Heavy Knit Cardigan, Topshop Uniq
ue Peter Pan collar dress & Oasis fur vest.)

Actually if I think about it, more than a wish list, it is an inspiration board. I don't necessarily want these particular items (though in some cases I really really do), rather they capture the essence of what I want.

I want something shaggy-- a vest or coat like the ones above would do. I am also on the lookout for peter pan collars; I can't get enough of them lately. Brocade and corduroy are on top of my list to add some new textures for fall. As for the Acne jeans, they represent my search for the perfect wide leg jeans. Knits, neutrals are definitely at the forefront of my mind, and that Topshop Unique cardigan is everything I could ever want. Seriously. (I've mentioned my thing for cardigans, right?) And lastly, while Alexander Wang is wonderful, there is no way I could/would spend $300+ on a sweatshirt, so I'm thinking a little DIY with zippers is in order. We shall see.

Realistically, I cannot afford all new stuff just for a new season, but a girl can hope. So there you have it, my deepest wishes, desires and hopes for fall 2008.

oh, and by the by, sorry for the blurriness of some photos...but it adds to the abstractness of it; emphasizing the importance of idea rather than the clothes, right? or maybe it's just blurry because of my own photoshop ineptitude. you decide.

She's got it

I don't necessarily believe in internet 'It' girls, since there seems to be a new one popping up every 15 seconds...but if there had to be one, then Refinery29 is spot on. This girl is my current street-style girl crush. Feminine, rocker, amazing. Love love love. (Is that creepy?)

Read refinery's blurb about her, or better yet check out her blog and you'll see what I mean!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N.

Oh man, more film posts. More film posts about the 70s. Oh well, what you gonna do? You're inspired by what you're inspired by, right? And this time, I made a collage so that has to be worth something!

Dazed and Confused. Classic high school movie. Classic stoner movie. Classic. It's another movie that I rewatched in recent weeks due to the fact that it came out when I was 7, and I probably saw it for the first time when I was 10 (bad parents!) and didn't quite grasp it. My dad had the soundtrack (he was a 70s teen) and the music was what made a lasting impression, until I saw the film again.

Course, the soundtrack is still the centerpiece, but when watching this time around I soaked up all the '70s goodness that Linklater (who wrote the film based on his own high school experiences) evoked. The clothes are pitch perfect...especially the men's wardrobe. There's Don Dawson's overalls, Mitch's adidas shirt, but most amazingly Randy "Pink" Floyd's party ensemble: a purple flowy-sleeved blouse and white flares...eep! As for the ladies, again high waisted wide leg loveliness throughout...

The film is ambling, rambling, playful, yet serious. It's unstructured and lingering, and has got to have one of the best music-fade-to-black endings ever.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obvious. Predictable. Love.

So this may be obvious, but "I the ♥ 70s" of course I would be enamored with this photo-shoot from Fashion Rocks Magazine 2008, especially because it is a very literal representation of that particular 70s bohemian look. I am particularly fond of all the shaggy fur coats going about, the ascots, paisley and Dhani Harrison's velvet suit. (He's a ringer for his pop, eh?)

I am actually on the hunt for a shaggy (faux) fur vest myself, I'll post my finds once I have finalized my ever-growing fall wish list.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worishofer & Me

These are granny shoes. I know they are granny shoes. Worn by eastern european grannies. I know I should hate them. But I love them. I also love my granny [who was south american, and wore these types of shoes] so it’s okay.

The trees, like lungs, filling with air. My sister - the mean one - pulling my hair.

When I watch a movie, and if it's good, it tends to live inside my head for a long period after I see it. This may sound silly, but it's like I see the world through a different filter after watching an affecting movie. It may not always be permanent, but for a short while there is a shift in my mood and perception.

Recently, I have been re-watching a lot of movies that I saw when they first came out, but I was younger and didn't fully grasp their beauty. I saw the Virgin Suicides in 2000, (at the tender age of 14), and while I remember liking it, I also remember not getting it. I watched it again a few weeks ago, and still today, I feel its presence haunting me like a misty dream or a flickering candle in my periphery.The Virigin Suicides, narrated by a gravelly Giovanni Ribisi, is a story about 5 enigmatic sisters, and while it's about them, it's not about them-you never learn anything about them from themselves, only from the perspective of their teenage boy fans. They are beautiful objects to adore and fantasize about and nothing more.

Anyway, set in the '70s, I find the whole film inspirational in its clothing (perfect high waisted wide leg jeans), its film sets (Cecelia's bedroom, in all its femininity and naivety, is beautiful) and its music (the scene where the girls and the boys have a conversation over the phone by playing records is magic). Moreover it is inspirational in its tone and mood. Hazy and nostalgic--like a memory. If only I could capture that in clothing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Doe a deer

I happened upon the littledoe look book today, and upon seeing the first picture (above) I immediately thought two things: what pretty lighting and b) oh, more headbands. But then, I proceeded to click through the look book, and couldn't help but be charmed by the feathered and flowered creations. Yes, headbands are an official accessory of the global hipster, as are feathers, but lest we forget that headbands have adorned many a person before Nicole Richie was seen sporting one. Does anybody remember the '60s or '70s? (Nb: I am aware of the painful irony since I do not in fact remember either decade...being born in the mid-80s). Sometimes I feel the only cultural referencing going on in clothing is referencing people who are referencing some else who is actually consciously making a cultural reference. Does that make sense? Does it matter?

Ah well, slight rant aside, there are some pretty pictures of some pretty headbands on the site that I would gladly wear trend or not. They are perfect for end of summer (if out of my price range) and are clearly an entirely different direction than the Axl Rose look. They seem to be a modern take on traditional Native American headdresses, and are presented in a lovely ethereal and dreamy setting.

Since I cannot post any more than the one above (due to ineptitude), you can see them here.

The sky is falling

So, I started the day out in full knowledge that it might rain, but I had plans to go catch up on some museum exhibits before they closed (Cy Twombly at Tate Modern is pretty wonderful if anyone is in the London area) and figured I would be inside while it rained. With this thought in mind, I decided to wear heels (a rarity on my part, mostly because I cannot stand the aches and I am not nearly dainty enough to wear them regularly).

I forgot about the forecast while being overpowered by Mr Twombly's masterful giant canvases within...but when I left the sky looked like this:

And well, who in their right mind wears heels to a museum exhibit? On a day forecasting showers? Silly old me. But I came prepared.

And so, my day ended with me looking like this (just before running into wagamama to avoid the rain):

The moral of the story being: when the sky opens, it's best that I have both feet firmly on the ground.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

imagine your soul could soar freely without the dangers and physical imprisonment of the body

Sigur Ros, Glósóli
(Music video dir. by Stefan Arni & Siggi Kinski)

I read about this video in lula months ago and scribbled down the name in my little black notebook.

I finally got around to seeing it today.

I wish I hadn't waited so long.

Monday, August 11, 2008

all covered. up.

Knit, plaid, lace, opaque, two-toned, paisley, feathers, ripped, pinstripes...*SIGH* ...the list of choices for fall is endless. Who needs a new autumnal wardrobe, when there are all these brilliant tights around to add some oomph to something old?

I'm especially drawn to the Rodarte cobweb tights (bottom left; top right), the nude & black tights by Mine (@ the top), and Emma Cook's lacey creations (bottom right).

UPDATE: eep, forgot to say where i got the images: most of the tights i found were on or, and the other ones are runway shots from (the designers are rodarte, chanel, alexander wang, anna sui, emma cook... i think that's all of them).

stuck in the middle with you

It's that time of year: the summer sales are over, but the new stock hasn't really trickled in; the sun is shining, but the nights are beginning to feel a little cooler; magazines are pushing the fall trends, and my summer wardrobe is beginning to look old. August = stylistic stalemate. Though I'm currently abstaining from spending, if I could I would snap up this Rachel Comey top immediately. It may be the perfect representation of this time period when fashion is stuck between summer and fall.

Grey heather, an ice cream cone and it's on sale! Kinda perfect, isn't it?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Would you be mine?

If I had to choose one staple in my wardrobe, it would be a cardigan. Generally, an oversized grandpa cardigan with long sleeves for my arms to retreat in, and pockets to shove my hands in during awkward social situations...or when I'm cold. I have at least 6 of them, and 3 are grey (my other staple). They are my everything. I got this particular fellow from etsy, received it a week ago, and though it's pocketless, we've become fast friends.

Fashion trends may come and go...but an oversized cardigan is comfy and therefore eternal.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another thing about jeans...

For someone who only recently re-embraced denim, I sure do talk about it a lot. Well, if you're gonna do it, do it well I say!

So. I can't get this bloomin' picture out of my head (first spotted on WWWD, in a post about the new premium denim brand, Current/Elliott).

Since I've never been one for premium denim (my money is wasted elsewhere) I didn't really pay attention to the article...put I did go to their website to soak in more of their dirty denim styling. And out of everything, I really truly cannot stop thinking about these bell-bottoms. The flare amongst flares. Reminds me of 9th grade when I had a pair of bell-bottoms that I cherished and wore to death. I wouldn't let my mother hem them for fear it would ruin the line of the flare, and so their death was premature but still it was love.

And now, I find myself wanting a pair of flares again. But these? $240 for... ripped denim. I was once staunchly against "designer. destroyed. denim." -- I'm not as staunch about it, realizing that staunchness is something to be saved -- but I am pretty sure I still cannot justify the price tag. What I want is real 1971 Elephant Bell Bottoms...that are perfectly worn in by being worn, not by being beaten with rocks. Is that too much to ask?

Though, $240 is nothing compared to $36, 099 for pair of Levi's. But those were from 1890s and found in a gold mine so that kind of ups their coolness factor, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all tucked in

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to wear was dresses. I refused to wear pants. And then as I grew, it seemed that my mother, try as she might, couldn't get a dress on me. No no no. Jeans were all I would wear. This phase of mine lasted a good 10 years. In college I began to embrace the dress again, and all of a sudden, (as I've said before), the jeans I used to love started to make me feel sloppy. But now, I think I may have found a happy balance. I've come to accept that I am far too bed-headed (can I use that as a personality trait?) to be the vintage romantic girl (such as liebemarlene or snail and the cyclops) who rarely wear pants. I'm a mixed medium kind of gal. A gal who loves her trusty ol' blues.

So, jeans and I are okay again. And probably because of all the '70s photos/films that I've been inundating myself with lately, I've taken to wearing them a new (old) way. A couple years ago, I would've scoffed at the idea of tucking in my shirts into mid-waist jeans (inconceivable!) but now it's the only way I'll wear them.

And that's that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charm-ing socks

Holy moly, are these not the cutest black knee socks you ever did see? Now that may seem oxymoronic, in that black knee socks are by definition merely a basic. But these socks by In God We Trust have a gold horse bit charm to add a little bit of fun to a fall staple. While $20 may seem steep for tights, what with that exchange rate working in my favour...this dream might have to become a reality...

Now I'm chomping at the bit, as the saying goes, for fall to arrive...

Boy snaps some polaroids

I am hopelessly in love with Boy's (by Band of Outsiders) a/w 0809 blog look book. It's filled with lo-fi, polaroid-style hazy '70s wonderfulness. And it stars Michelle Williams looking luminescent in Boy's awesome menswear-inspired girlswear. Corduroy suits, tartans and grey styled amongst wood panelling, rotary phones and a bowl of cherries makes this one good looking look book that I'll be continuously turning to this fall and onward...

Sigh. Love.