Friday, August 15, 2008

Doe a deer

I happened upon the littledoe look book today, and upon seeing the first picture (above) I immediately thought two things: what pretty lighting and b) oh, more headbands. But then, I proceeded to click through the look book, and couldn't help but be charmed by the feathered and flowered creations. Yes, headbands are an official accessory of the global hipster, as are feathers, but lest we forget that headbands have adorned many a person before Nicole Richie was seen sporting one. Does anybody remember the '60s or '70s? (Nb: I am aware of the painful irony since I do not in fact remember either decade...being born in the mid-80s). Sometimes I feel the only cultural referencing going on in clothing is referencing people who are referencing some else who is actually consciously making a cultural reference. Does that make sense? Does it matter?

Ah well, slight rant aside, there are some pretty pictures of some pretty headbands on the site that I would gladly wear trend or not. They are perfect for end of summer (if out of my price range) and are clearly an entirely different direction than the Axl Rose look. They seem to be a modern take on traditional Native American headdresses, and are presented in a lovely ethereal and dreamy setting.

Since I cannot post any more than the one above (due to ineptitude), you can see them here.


discothequechic said...

ha, it's hardly a surprise, your blog is full of lovely bits and pieces that i like!

and by the way, press the "printscreensysrq" button, and then press paste in paint to capture pictures that you can't copy.

it's a lifesaver!

dw said...

ooh, thanks for the tip! i'll definitely have to give it a try...