Friday, August 22, 2008

Wish list (no. 2)

Here it is. My [preemptive] fall wish list. I didn't realize until I was finished that I am going for quite the neutral palette this fall. Course mixed in with all my other clothes it wouldn't seem that way. I have to keep on reminding myself that this is a wish list, not a check list. If only. [Click to enlarge]
(Top Row: la garconne "belle ingenue" tote, brocade skirt, alexander wang shaggy woolen coat, red corduroy flats, alexander wang zipper sweater)

(Bottom Row: Acne L.U.V. jeans, GAP trench coat, Topshop sweater vest, Uniqlo corduroy skirt, Topshop Unique Heavy Knit Cardigan, Topshop Uniq
ue Peter Pan collar dress & Oasis fur vest.)

Actually if I think about it, more than a wish list, it is an inspiration board. I don't necessarily want these particular items (though in some cases I really really do), rather they capture the essence of what I want.

I want something shaggy-- a vest or coat like the ones above would do. I am also on the lookout for peter pan collars; I can't get enough of them lately. Brocade and corduroy are on top of my list to add some new textures for fall. As for the Acne jeans, they represent my search for the perfect wide leg jeans. Knits, neutrals are definitely at the forefront of my mind, and that Topshop Unique cardigan is everything I could ever want. Seriously. (I've mentioned my thing for cardigans, right?) And lastly, while Alexander Wang is wonderful, there is no way I could/would spend $300+ on a sweatshirt, so I'm thinking a little DIY with zippers is in order. We shall see.

Realistically, I cannot afford all new stuff just for a new season, but a girl can hope. So there you have it, my deepest wishes, desires and hopes for fall 2008.

oh, and by the by, sorry for the blurriness of some photos...but it adds to the abstractness of it; emphasizing the importance of idea rather than the clothes, right? or maybe it's just blurry because of my own photoshop ineptitude. you decide.

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Richel said...

what a great fall wish list.