Friday, August 8, 2008

Another thing about jeans...

For someone who only recently re-embraced denim, I sure do talk about it a lot. Well, if you're gonna do it, do it well I say!

So. I can't get this bloomin' picture out of my head (first spotted on WWWD, in a post about the new premium denim brand, Current/Elliott).

Since I've never been one for premium denim (my money is wasted elsewhere) I didn't really pay attention to the article...put I did go to their website to soak in more of their dirty denim styling. And out of everything, I really truly cannot stop thinking about these bell-bottoms. The flare amongst flares. Reminds me of 9th grade when I had a pair of bell-bottoms that I cherished and wore to death. I wouldn't let my mother hem them for fear it would ruin the line of the flare, and so their death was premature but still it was love.

And now, I find myself wanting a pair of flares again. But these? $240 for... ripped denim. I was once staunchly against "designer. destroyed. denim." -- I'm not as staunch about it, realizing that staunchness is something to be saved -- but I am pretty sure I still cannot justify the price tag. What I want is real 1971 Elephant Bell Bottoms...that are perfectly worn in by being worn, not by being beaten with rocks. Is that too much to ask?

Though, $240 is nothing compared to $36, 099 for pair of Levi's. But those were from 1890s and found in a gold mine so that kind of ups their coolness factor, wouldn't you say?

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