Tuesday, August 26, 2008

better known among me more intimate friends as...

...the Artful Dodger. He's a sly fellow, one of the more famous of famous Dickens' characters and a sartorial delight.

I recently got a 1907 edition of Oliver Twist, and though I haven't cracked it open yet, I'm kind of excited to immerse myself in Dickensian London, with all that soot, crime and flowery language (with wonderful words like thither and rapscallion!) Without even reading it, I already have a (pop-culture & BBC informed) image of the Artful Dodger in mind and my, is he inspiring: velvet, waistcoats, ascots and a top hat--somewhat sumptuous in his Victorian poverty. I'm on the look out for any of those materials to create my own Dodger circa 2008 outfit (which Lou Doillon has mastered in her jean range for Lee Cooper).

(Vests: pret a portabello, jacket: ebay, shirt: etsy, shoes: asos)

At the mo', what with the credit crunchin' and all, I've resigned myself to the pieces I already have... dug into my closet for an old vest, a blouse with some pleating and my trusty bowler (though I did just buy the shoes in the collage -- sale!). While the bowler's more banker than pickpocket, and not quite 1838, it'll do. For now.

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