Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all tucked in

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to wear was dresses. I refused to wear pants. And then as I grew, it seemed that my mother, try as she might, couldn't get a dress on me. No no no. Jeans were all I would wear. This phase of mine lasted a good 10 years. In college I began to embrace the dress again, and all of a sudden, (as I've said before), the jeans I used to love started to make me feel sloppy. But now, I think I may have found a happy balance. I've come to accept that I am far too bed-headed (can I use that as a personality trait?) to be the vintage romantic girl (such as liebemarlene or snail and the cyclops) who rarely wear pants. I'm a mixed medium kind of gal. A gal who loves her trusty ol' blues.

So, jeans and I are okay again. And probably because of all the '70s photos/films that I've been inundating myself with lately, I've taken to wearing them a new (old) way. A couple years ago, I would've scoffed at the idea of tucking in my shirts into mid-waist jeans (inconceivable!) but now it's the only way I'll wear them.

And that's that.

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lena said...

it's nice to see a blogger who wears jeans! i read a lot of blogs and sometimes i feel that bloggers try really hard *not* to wear something specifically b/c they have a blog. there's a lot of jean bashing out there.

somedays, jeans are all that will do. hurrah for agreeing!