Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Death in a pretty dress

So I ventured outside today for a change of scenery. Of course, change of scenery requires change of clothes. And though my life currently consists of wearing a rotating wardrobe of pajama pants and is horribly consumed by reading, when going outside I choose to be horribly consumed by reading in a pretty dress. Ignore the glasses.

It's okay, I'll be alright....just four more finals to go, and then homeward bound to Massachusetts for a couple weeks, followed by a jaunt to the south of France at the beginning of June. Just 12 more days. 12, 12, 12. Shoot me, please.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Hahaha, oh man, I feel like I've been doing nothing but reading (and looking at blogs...) for the last two weeks, yet I'm still horribly behind! Aaaaaagh! Only one more semester of this crap for me...and by the way, I LOVE your glasses! Makes me want to get new frames so bad.

viola said...

i love your outfit! it's so simple but there's a little somethin' extra with the loafers and socks.

cpc said...

I agree, its great! and the glasses only make it better

Anonymous said...

love the shoes and socks conbo! great blog :)