Saturday, August 1, 2009

of questionable taste

Ok - so I can't decide whether I think these leggings from ASOS are horrendous or wonderful. I don't know what draws me in exactly, it certainly isn't the styling, which is definitely on the hideous side of things. Maybe it's the recent crop of photos of 'Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony' that have popped up and left me pondering her line's own fairisle pants. I was undecided about them when I first saw them in February, but I am warming up to the idea (though that may just be the Chloe effect).

Back to the ASOS leggings, I just don't know how you could get away with wearing them without feeling like you are wearing long johns. On one hand, I am very drawn to the woodsy, country look for autumn, and 'folksie leggings' seem to fit into that category. On the other hand, I always have, and forever will, think leggings as pants are one of the great downfalls of society. I've lamented it as a trend from the beginning, and so if I did purchase the above, how would I wear them? Definitely not as pants, but would it be a bit much under a dress? These bad boys have left me in a state of sartorial confusion: are they ugly, how to wear them, etc. Too much thought for a piece of clothing, but I tend to overthink just about everything, so there you go.

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BULB// said...

Ah, i saw these leggings on ASOS and i too am in the same predicament. When i saw them i was immediately drawn to them but i can't figure out why. Like your questioning, how would you wear them? The girl in the picture you have looks like she is about to go to bed (complete with the loafer-ish shoes) and the leggings are somewhat baggier than they should be making her look a little more frumpy than need be. Okay, maybe the only reason i like them are the colours. I'm going to settle at that purely so i can stop torturing myself over it. x