Friday, August 14, 2009


hello there.

it's been awhile. but not the normal it's-been-awhile-because-i'm-uninspired-and-sometimes-blogging-is-boring. nope, it's been awhile because everything in my life is currently broken: my headphones, my toaster, my tv is on the fritz, and more importantly -- and relevant -- my router. i have been sans internet since monday, and spend each day scurrying down the steps to find...nothing. the mailman has bypassed me. so then i have to slowly climb the stairs back up to my flat, only to come through the door and see my current broken router, staring at me with unflinching, laughing, deceptively happy green lights.

and so that's why i haven't been around...i actually have things to say (!) but am currently in a computer lab far far away from all my images and folders. so when i get my internet back, hopefully i won't have forgotten the posts that have been milling around in my brain, and this blog will wake up.

ta ta for now.

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