Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One to love

(photos, and full editorial, @ fashion gone rogue)

There are few editorials that really make me swoon nowadays. I mean editorials that are really inspiring, which to me, means staring at the images for hours on end, dissecting and soaking in the styling and actually thinking about how to incorporate it into my own look. Recently, I find myself quickly flicking through most editorials, uninterested and uninspired. I guess it's because I am less interested in the current trends of 80s-blah and balmainia-blah, which leaves me feeling rather blah all around. But, even in fashion, there are certain looks that will never cease to inspire, and one of them is Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. While not the best reinterpretation I have seen of it, it is something to get me through while I wait for the fashion pendulum to swing my way again.

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