Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm not one of those people who have been reading Vogue since I was 10 and have been devouring fashion ever since. In high school, I was the exact opposite, dismissing fashion and proud in my laissez-faire disinterested attitude towards dressing. Then sometime in college, I couldn't tell you when, I suddenly cared. Not like I had a sudden fashion moment or anything, I just realized that I did care about what I was wearing, and how it should fit. Anyway, upon realizing that I do have an interest in fashion, I thought I was supposed to display this newfound love by reading Vogue, apparently the fashion bible. So I read a few issues circa 2004-5, not really aware of all the politics behind it in terms of Wintour-haters and how it is considered the most blasé of the Vogues. Rather, on my own, I decided it wasn't for me; the articles weren't for me, the styling, for the most part, wasn't inspirational to me, and so I stopped reading it. It was until afterwards, when I actually began reading about fashion through blogs and such that I realized that it has been on a downward slide for awhile.

Well, putting all that aside, I am kinda digging this new editorial in the July issue shot by Terry Richardson. The odd thing though, is that it isn't the accessories that the shoot is peddling (although I do love the sunglasses in the first shot, which funny enough, aren't credited), nor the model, makeup, or clothing that's getting me going. Rather, it's the use of the optometrist equipment. Mostly the glasses in the second shot, which in a fashion context, seem a little steampunk or Back to the Future-esque...wouldn't it be kind of amazing if they were redesigned into actual glasses? Okay, yes, I know, in real life they'd probably look ridiculous, but still, in this shot, they are perfection.

Photos and the rest of the editorial found here.

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