Sunday, June 14, 2009

By the Sea, part deux

Another round of photos from me holiday...

Spent the majority of the time in Nice, reading and sunning on its pebbled shores, and during the evenings getting lost (actually) in the Old City, with its tiny winding streets, and tall beige buildings. It was ridiculously picturesque and only slightly frustrating. And the food, oh my goodness, the food. I don't think I have ever eaten that much pasta in my life, and I love pasta. I didn't realize that there would be so much Italian food, but I guess it used to be under Roman influence and didn't actually become a part of France until the late 19th century. I loved Nice so much, and definitely could have a little beachside apartment there one day. Hmmm.

We also had a couple of day trips to Monaco, to see how the rich live and Cannes, to see where the rich play and show their films. Both were beautiful but Monaco was a bit expensive and Cannes was a bit windy and not too different from Nice. Still, I am happy to have seen both and I can now check them off my list. Nice is still my favorite of all though, perhaps because that's where we came upon a really really freakin' gigantic palm tree. The tallest that I ever did stand beside and that was pretty darn cool.

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