Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer To-Dos

I'm spending my summer working at a mindless job to pay the bills ("Bloomsbury Fitness, how can I help?" -- is my summer catchphrase), and generally not taking life too seriously. Heavy thoughts about the future (with only one year left of law) could damper my summer, but I figure that can all wait until September.

Rather I am concentrating on doing nothing special, but with a very specific to-do list of the nothing specials that I shall be doing:

* Find a guitar and/or ukulele before the summer is out, perhaps begin to learn to play (not being too ambitious is key to checking things off the list)
* Continue building, and reading, my collection of used Agatha Christie novels (a seemingly easy task, but she did write 80 novels, people)
* Get further on my 'films-to-see' list which is ever-growing, next up: Klute and Dans Paris
* Reorganize my closet, empty out all that I do not need/wear/doesn't fit and give to charity and/or sell on etsy/ebay
*Spend as much time as possible outside in all of London's parks - a picnic in a new park each weekend perhaps...
* Explore more of England outside of London: Brighton, Liverpool, Lake Country...I've been here two freakin' years and haven't been outside the city except to go to the Continent. I am ashamed.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm a list gal. I love making lists. Anyone else have a list for summer fun....or is that too persnickety for summer?

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Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aaaah, I LOVE Agatha Christie. Perfect summer reading. Well any season really, but they're so great for the beach or the park, fast and easy going and oh so satisfying in the end! Also, I just rewatched Klute two nights ago, no joke! It's on Netflix instant view, saweeeeet. It's so great, and Jane Fonda's hair and wardrobe and apartment are pretty much perfection.