Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alex and Ani

I think I must have gotten my love of jewelry from my mother, who is always bedecked in the most wonderfully unique pieces. While I get easily frustrated with thrift shopping in London's highly over priced, overpicked vintage selection, I never ever tire of searching at antique markets for some jewelry. It's probably because of my aforementioned love of history, I love buying jewelry with a history, like this Victorian picture locket with aged-sepia photos of two dapper gentlemen already in it (one on each side).

I rarely buy new jewelry as it is not nearly as fun, but I've recently come across Alex and Ani, and would certainly save up for some of those baubles, especially since the designs are all eco-conscious, handmade from recycled materials. Plus I always have a hard time finding bracelets to fit my small wrists, but these are expandable, completely erasing that problem...hurray! Now to begin saving, erm...

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