Monday, December 22, 2008

silver lines in the snow

A bevy of winterness has been thrown at me this past week. Ice Storm - check. Powerless - check. Power returns then pipe burst, causing leak that causes ceiling in living room to cave in slightly and take down the christmas tree - check. Snow storm - check. Snow storm part deux - check. SIGH. After a while, I gave up even trying to venture outside the house and settled for fun things to do indoors. Such as redecorating the christmas tree, making graham cracker houses/village, drinking hot cocoa and decapitating snowmen cookies. Winter's a cold-hearted bitch. But at least the chocolate's warm and the snow's purty.

(EDIT: I finally figured out how to enlarge images in blogger, so I fixed that up and the pictures are as big as my skinny borders will allow. Not much bigger, but good enough. Hurrah.)


Viola said...

that's terrible about your house, but other than that it's quite the winter wonderland.

sprky said...

that is quite the gingerbread village. I am especially impressed with the wreath on the house on the right. Very creative!

Pixienish said...

Winter looks so beautiful. I wish they had four seasons in Malaysia :(

I always like your posts, they have a way of making people feel cosy somehow HAHAHA :)

Morgan said...

The snow is gorgeous, and I love your tree !
I miss the snow.
I moved from New York to Florida a few years ago, and Christmas just isn't the same when you can go swimming after opening presents !

I love your blog, by the way.
HOe you had a merry holiday.