Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moral Dilemmas

I am possibly the worst decider ever. Apart from my boy who cannot make a decision to save his should see what it's like when we try to decide where to go out to eat. Sometimes, we just starve instead.

ANYWAY, the Christmas season is in full-swing, I've bought most of my gifts without leaving the comfort of my couch and am now being a little selfish. Christmas parties and such require lovely shoes, and none that I have will do. Buy I must! I've narrowed down the many choices to two, both of which are polar opposites and represent my somewhat schizophrenic sartorial sensibilities (alliteration, anyone?).

In the left corner, we have the Dolce Vita Madison shoe, a classic platform pump with an extra bit of sheen for some holiday glamour. Plus, with their 4 1/2' heel, they will make me 5'7 1/4" -- practically an Amazon! (yes, that makes me a mere 5'2 3/4"). This is the sex pot heel...that I often admire, but don't really wear because a) i'm not about out-loud-sex-appeal and b) they are slightly intimidating in all their glamour. But I love them still.

In the right corner, we have the Seychelles Theme Song pewter heel. Lovely in its retro appeal. They tug at my girly-retro side, are definitely more walkable and add the perfect sterling shine to a black&white outfit (which I shall be wearing at one point ... sad that I know that already? I know.)

I only have the funds for one. WHAT TO DO?

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Ringo, have a banana! said...

The silver ones! They're so festive and fun. The other ones are fine and would probably "go" with more stuff but eff that, go for the glory!