Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Book & Its Shelf

I just spent all day yesterday laying on my couch and reading this from start to finish:
And the best part was, for the first time, I actually correctly guessed who the murderer was! Normally I'm kind of stupid about those types of things, and Agatha Christie, the sly little minx, always gets the better of me. Not today though!

Other than clothes, the thing I have to generally control my spending on is books, both new and secondhand, but especially secondhand. Any time I go into a used bookstore (one of my favorite past times, especially in London where they are so perfectly disorganized) I leave with at least 3 novels, normally one of them being a Christie... what can I say I've been reading her since I was 11!

When on the oh-so popular, the selby, I love to look at peoples' bookshelves, to see what the books they have, how they arrange them, etc. Maybe, it's cause I like to think a person's bookshelf/bookself (ha!) can provide pseudo-psychological insight into their personality, just like their clothes.

So, here are a few of my favorite bookshelves, and some of my own thrown into the mix at the end...

My two favorites:
Lesley Arfin: books in the kitchen = perfection! If I didn't have a gas stove and no fan, this would be my ideal arrangement.
Ingrid Schram- a bookwindow!And some others....

And some of my own various nooks of books:


cpc said...

Nietzsche and Agatha Christie. You are a complicated soul.

Mademoiselle Catherine said...

Looks like my place...

Are there books in the bathroom and toilet as well???