Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jack Frost Nipping

I love Christmas. I really truly do. Decorating the tree, listening to cheesy music and watching the classics on TBS. And baking. Must not forget all the wonderful food that I gorge on at Christmas time. I cannot believe there are only 11 days left, but an advent calendar does not lie. So far this holiday season, I've...

Decorated a 3ft plastic tree aka my English Christmas tree. (A real pine one awaits me, 3000 miles from this one).

Baked shortbread cookies (with toblerone in the middle!)
And (already!) received the best gift ever. My fellow got me (and I opened early since I won't be seeing him) a 1920 edition of Alice in Wonderland, complete with amazing illustrations and that perfect used book smell.

Now if only it would snow...though from what I hear, I'll be getting plenty of that when I get home.


Pixienish said...

Omg! That book looks interesting. I've always been a sucker for fairytales :)

copperoranges said...

what a lovely gift from your fellow!

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Toblerone in the centre! What an amazing idea! I would love to own a vintage Alice in Wonderland