Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wish list no. 4: Street Inspired

Blah, an artic front blew in yesterday. Heat way up, sociability way down. So with that forlorn winter attitude in mind, I've spent my weekend staring enviously at the fashionable around the globe to envisage what I would want if I could dress however I pleased.

I want...

To swathe myself in voluminous clothing without looking like I am wearing a sheet, or a muumuu, which inevitably always happens.
To look, unabashedly, like rock'n'roll.
To wear something faux furry. I've been on the hunt, but I don't seem to carry it well. I think because of my stature, I've been having trouble with the sizing and tend to look like a mini-gorilla.
To continue to wear plaid when everyone else is sick of it.
An oversized blazer that fits perfectly.
Chunky boots that are not doc martens. And, the discipline to dress monochromatically on occasion.
To wear a big furry hat with panache. Again, been on the search, but I apparently have a big head.

And those are my sunday dreams....kind of whiny, but I have to wear a scarf and hat inside while reading 100 pgs of legal philosophy and that is bound to make anyone a tinsy bit cranky.

(photos from: hels-looks, garance dore and stockholm street style)

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Anonymous said...

this is such an adorable post.
it's lovely to see how much people adore a still from a photograph.