Monday, November 3, 2008

Wish list (no. 3)

Things that I want that are not clothes:

Log pillows, handmade by Norwegian Wood

Erica Weiner "Solitaire" Ring for my middle finger - funny back story here

Angel Cup - how I love those Scandinavian designers and their designs.
Frames of all shapes and sizes, new and antique, above my bed
(photo via the selby)
Vintage Silhouette Picture/Postcard to be framed and part of the wall of frames
(I'm searching ebay!)

Amusing coffee table books to waste away the days.

I can just imagine, turning the page with my solitaire ringed finger, while sipping coffee out of my angel mug, leaning on my log pillows, under my be-framed wall (that includes a silhouette). Wouldn't it be loverly?


Jimena said...

i know what you mean - i've been wanting to decorate my walls with hundreds of frames in all shapes, sizes and colours for a long time!

by the way - that cup is so cute.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Brilliant, I want everything! Only jeeez those log pillows are pricey :n (

Merily said...

We have the same taste!
And I love those Scandinavian designer too, they're absolutely BRILLIANT!