Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pecans & Poses

Meh. I am at a weird stage where I am kind of bored with my dressing and yet am not in the mood to shop. Gasp. I guess in my head it has something to do with correlating ease of dressing with creativity...the easier it is, the more boring it must be. Though I think when I admire other people's style it is more about the way they wear something and not necessarily the innovativeness of it. Does that make sense? What does it mean to dress interestingly anyhow?
I mean Carine Roitfeld pulls off a denim pencil skirt like no other. Attitude over effort it seems.

That said, to switch it up (an eensy bit)...this is the first time I haven't tucked a shirt into a skirt in a long while. Strange, slightly bland admission, but true. It felt nice.

Sugar-covered pecans, anyone? With the cinnamon and brown sugar, they remind me of fall. I love when food fits a mood.

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viola said...

those boots are to die for!