Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did you hear about the corduroy pillows?

...they're making headlines! Remember that one, anyone? Anyway, 3rd grade jokes aside, I am pretty sure I might be going insane. It has come to a point, where Robert Redford is inspiring me. 1970s dashing Robert Redford that is. Well, specifically, 1970s dashing Robert Redford as Bob Woodward in corduroy pants is what is inspiring me. Or rather making me itch with envy.

That makes me sound crazy, right? Well, to clarify further...a few months ago, I watched All the President's Men because it's famous and I thought I hadn't seen it. After watching it, I realized that I had, in fact, seen it a couple of years ago because it was famous and I hadn't seen it. That element aside, what caught my attention this time 'round was Rob as Bob, who, in all his investigatorial glory was trouncing around Washington talking to Deep Throat wearing an awesome corduroy suit. (Words I never thought I'd type). I hadn't considered corduroy pants since the 8th grade, but I wanted. I even wrote it down.

Then I saw Michelle Williams in the Boy by Band of Outsiders campaign and my desire was confirmed. I want. I need. In that perfect honey color. But why-oh-why do they have to be so frickin' expensive?

ps. Wes Anderson looks pretty nifty in corduroy too.

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