Sunday, September 21, 2008

FOX ON THE RUN: a confession

Ok. So here's the thing. I'm a returner. A chronic returner. I often buy more than I afford/need and then come home, come to my senses, quickly edited out what I absolutely must have and then return anything else.

That's not the worst part. Sometimes when I buy something that I am unsure about and know I should return (because a) it doesn't quite fit; b) it is a bit of an extravagance; or c) it's not quite "me") I give it a trial run. Meaning, I leave the tags on and venture outside in it. Because this is kind of shameful and I don't want to spoil the clothes, generally I will only go somewhere to a cafe, to a grocery store, or the like just to get a feel for what it would actually be like to own said item. If I feel good, happy, etc in it without a shred of self-consciousness then it's a keeper, if the returns pile it goes.

Recently, I was esctatic to find the Peter Jensen fox sweater that I've been craving since February, and on a night of raging insomnia, I bought it online. As soon as I pressed enter, I felt a little sick paying so much for a sweater. But then I got it...sigh, love. Despite the fact that the fit on the shoulders was a tad off, it was love love love love love. I don't know why but that fox knit has captured my heart. Despite my heart's desire, I judiciously decided to give it a test run because a decision like this (to keep or not to keep) cannot be made lightly and at this expense, the fit should really be perfection. So, it was put on, and it was allowed outside the house...for about 10 minutes before I ran back in afraid that I would damage it. But I did spend the rest of the afternoon inside snuggling up against it before deciding that it must be returned. Some items are too precious and I feel that I would never wear it for fear that my stain-prone ways would reek havoc on it. So this Monday, I will return it.

Perhaps I have learned my lesson: only buy things that you absolutely love, that you can afford, that fit perfectly and that do not give you panic attacks every time you bring that tall nonfat latte to your lips.

The End.


Lily said...

hello, first time on your blog and I like it very much
If I ever got my hands on that Peter Jensen sweater, there would be no going back! Even if it would just sit in my wardrobe, where I can gaze lovingly at it

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oh my god you have THE SWEATER! Aaaagh, oh man, I mean, I totally understand what you're going through but HOLY HELL I WANT THAT SWEATER!

Heather said...

i love this post. it's brilliant. i also love that sweater...shame it has to go back :( but i can TOTALLY relate!!!

Luce said...

that sweater is the best!! Its sad that it ended up not being right.

Joop Doop said...

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