Monday, September 1, 2008

En Rogue

Recently, I did a wardrobe round-up: emptied my closet onto my bed, organized my clothing by article and then counted the items as I put them away. This inventory was mostly to force me to see what I did and more importantly, did not, need, as well as to reintroduce me to the darkest corners of my closet. Of my somewhat haphazard tally count, probably the article with highest count had to be the t-shirt. I decided, then and there, no more tees for a good while. I just do not need any more.

Well, that caveat aside...

I am finding it very difficult not to scoop up one of these shirts. They are part of Rogues Gallery's Fall 08 menswear line, which is rugged and dark in its lumberjack appeal. I love the awkward fit of wearing men's tees, and find it amusing that my bf complains of the lack of reciprocation in our dressing. I can steal from him, but not vice versa. Anyway, I will be able to keep my tally count steady, if only because Rogue's shirts are out of my budget -- but that doesn't stop me from looking. And wanting.

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