Friday, September 5, 2008

Fash ion a tion

One of the best things about living in a city is the sheer accessibility to the wondrous amount of magazines that are put out. I find the Borders in London to be incredibly well stocked, and I often spend hours in the cafe working my way through a pile of international magazines; all for the prices of a tall nonfat latte. Since being home, I have found myself actually missing these bookshop trips so I trekked out to my local Barnes & Noble (which is not in a city) only to discover it was somewhat lacking in the magazine department. In fact, all I could find was a Preen and an Italian Vogue, so I spent my time perusing books rather than mags (an equally enjoyable but different experience).

There are plenty of good websites that share editorials online (foto decadent being a favorite) but while home, I was happy to discover a new one: Fashion-ation. Unlike foto decadent where the posts aren't always recent editorials (which is partly why I like it), Fashionation regularly posts the newest, and I quote, the "hottest editorials from the world's best fashion magazines." Tag line aside, it's a pretty nifty website, and will serve just fine as a temporary fix.

ps. It also covers street style.. so there's a little something for everyone.

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