Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it's not spring

For two days it felt like what I'm pretty sure, if I can remember, spring feels like. The sky was blue - BLUE blue - nary a cloud in sight. I had dust off my sunglasses. I had to remove layers while walking. I could actually feel the warmth of the sun. Oh boy, that was nice. Yes it was.

But today, life goes on, gray skies abound and London goes back to being London. Winter has not left yet. Course it's a bit naive to hope such extreme synchronicity between the change of month and the change of weather. Ah well, all that means is that I can still turn for comfort to a trifecta of knitted wonders that have kept me company most of the winter.

When I went back home for Christmas, all that time ago, I got my dear mother to knit me not one, not two, but three scarves. Well, technically I think one may have been crocheted, but whatevs. Anyway, they're chunky, and soft, and most importantly ridiculously warm. If winter has to stay for a little bit longer (though I really wish it wouldn't), then I suppose I can survive, bundled up til the first signs of real spring (which I may or may not be idealizing anyway, since spring here essentially just means more rain.)

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