Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 Franken will get you

This picture by Stil in Berlin made me inhale a little sharply when it first popped in my Reader. Her hair is lovely. And that dress is simply stunning. Apparently it was purchased for 5 Franken (which is around 4 Euros they say) at a Z├╝rich fleamarket...dang. Jealousy abounds.


On another note, I am still alive, simply immersed in dissertation writing, exam prepping, life prepping. Two months till the very end of my law degree. It's all a bit scary and I haven't had much time or desire to blog. No word on when the winds will change, but if you don't mind bearing with me, I don't mind.


Summer dresses said...

Totally that dress is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

do you do your own photography?

dw said...

I do, on occasion but haven't been able to as much as I like. When it's not mine, I try to give credit where it is due...unless it is an old picture or from tumblr and I've lost the source. This post is a photo from Stil in Berlin.

Hopefully it's obvious when it's not mine... :)