Friday, January 15, 2010

Inside & Out

lounge around

I suppose I should be less of a curmudgeon and embrace the cold, both inside my flat and out. For lounging, I imagine cozy long knits, sweater upon sweater, and a Pendleton blanket to snuggle up in with a good book. For venturing out, it's best to wear appropriate shoes to ward off the cold and the slush, sheer blouses insulated by thick knits and a proper shearling coat (I was this close to convincing my mom to give me hers while home, guys - this close!). I hate gloves (they make me feel criminal) so fingerless will have to do, but with a good cuppa coffee to keep the tips warm. I can feel the flush of warmth in my cheeks as I type...

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Silmi Sabila said...

I'm lovin your blog so much. Great photos, anyways. Come and visit my blog :))