Wednesday, February 4, 2009

makes me want to jump, jump

So, this may be hypocritical...writing about something on eBay, right after writing about how much I hate eBay (or its wicked power), but a link led to a link know how it goes. ANYWAY, if I were not boycotting eBay at the moment and if I weren't on a self-imposed shopping ban, I would be quite tempted to bid on this:

Sequined deco blouses from the 80s aren't really my bag, but the way that the seller (persephone vintage, who also has an amazing etsy) has presented it, kind of as a cardigan, makes it twenty times more amazing. Quantifiably.

Once, and if, I ever start shopping again, I think I'll keep my eyes pealed out for bedazzled pieces that I used to dismiss. And so, the search for the ridiculously extravagant cardigan begins.


she also has a ridiculously cute sailor-esque dress, that if I were smaller chested, I would definitely be breaking all the rules for!

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