Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 Favorites- New York Fashion Week

Ok, so I am slightly behind, but here were my five favorites from New York Fashion Week. They all have the same elements that I am always drawn to, despite the current trends: layering, mixing prints and that "geek-chic" (I wish there were a better term for that...) look.

1) Boy by Band of Outsiders presentation: Inspired by the French students/revolutionaries in Godard's La Chinoise, nuff said

2) Marc by Marc Jacobs: I'm not sure why this got mixed reviews, I thought it was cozy with its layered look and hiking-chic aesthetic. I especially loved some of the men's looks of layered plaids and tweeds. Just say no to furry boots though, please.

3) United Bamboo: The prints and styling! There was a bit of a school girl feel which appeals to me as, well, a school girl.

4) Rachel Comey: I love the way she mixes prints in such a beautiful way

5) It's a tie between Anna Sui (left) and Diane Von Furstenburg (right): both for their use of colour, DvF for layering & general feelgoodness (pompom hats!) and Sui for that 70s vibe I love so much.

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