Sunday, July 11, 2010


Everyone needs a summer playlist, huh? Sprinkled with the typical surf pop, hazy lofi flava of summer. I didn't make this one (though that option is under consideration) but it does put one in the appropriate mood. All I need now is some soft-serve. Or some cherries.

(As you'll note there is no best coast in the list - a bit remiss if you ask me, but that's for another playlist- anyway, I just liked their cover art and thought it perfectly representative of that summer feelin.' Also technically this playlist was made for june, but as noted I'm a bit behind the times at the moment...)

And now, the 'June Playlist' compiled by the lovely folks at the equally lovely Tourist Magazine

1. Oh Suzanne by French Kissing
2. What Am I Going To Do by The Dovers
3. Help Me Rhonda by The Beach Boys
4. Tired of Waiting by The Meklight Sisters
5. Leave Everywhere by Toro y Moi
6. Spider Man by Boy or Bison
7. Don't Lie by The Mantles
8. Empty Bones by The Growlers
9. Gentle One by Soft Healer
10. Comin' Back Again by Arches
11. Havalina by Pixies

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