Saturday, July 10, 2010

Havin' A Heatwavvve

It's boiling. Everywhere apparently. And while the British media and their meteorological histrionics never fail to amuse (a two day heatwave is not really a wave, is it?), it is bloody hot. But I do love summer. I hate humidity but sun shining, wind breezing - this can never be a bad thing. So rather than join the lot of whingers, who will later complain that we had no summer when the inevitable downpour ensues, I choose to ignore the stickiness and embrace the things I love about this hot hot heat...

* Gin and tonics with crushed up lime. Taking a sip and bursting a bit of lime pulp on your tongue is never more refreshing.

* Sitting on my balcony when the sun is rising and it's not too hot, reading and basking.

* Enjoying watching our little balcony pot of basil, chives and vines grow. Granted all I did was pick the items to be planted as I tend to kill the bepotted, but it's nice to watch the hard effort of others be bountiful...

*Walking everywhere to go nowhere just because we can.

* Cherries from the local grocer. I could eat cherries and cherries alone all summer long. They ARE summer to me.

* The simplicity of getting dressed in the morning: dress, canvas shoes, sunglasses, done.

*Even though we're all miserable, moaning, sweaty, sticky and generally angry at the world, you can walk through any London park, lose the sound of the city and realize it all ain't so bad. Smile! It's fuckin' summer.

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sprky said...

great post! the whingers be damned.

Glad you are back!