Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Handsome? Indubitably.

Every since learning about Australian brand We Are Handsome way back in November, I've been hoping their amazing suits would pop up in a store on this side of the hemisphere. And lo and behold, a few select pieces are currently being sold at Opening Ceremony. I knew that since they were designer, limited edition and made out of Italian Lyrca (apparently. Is that like, as good as Italian wool?) along with having the best retro pop culture prints, they wouldn't come cheap. Oh predictive ability, how I wish you were wrong. At $240 a pop, these puppies will have to remain on the wish list. Which is alright by me, since who knows when I'll make it to a beach this summer anyhow.

Seems I've been complaining a lot lately about the things that I cannot afford but I don't mean to and I'm not actually that bummed about it. In truth, it's fun to fill my imaginary wardrobe with imaginary things, but at the end of the day, even if I had all the money in the world I wouldn't buy everything I covet because there are other things that keep you fulfilled. Like waking up at 6 am to a sun-drenched room, making a cup of French Vanilla coffee that your mother shipped 3,000 miles just for you and reading for pleasure before a long day studying. The moral of the story being, while I'm happy to pine over We Are Handsome bathing suits, and wish that I could have a wild stallion run across my torso, I am perfectly content with what I've got. It's important to remember that when you've got a blog filled with wishes.

This ended up being more of a note to self. Sorry about that.


Beth Rock said...

I am absolutely in love with these bathing suits. The animal prints are rad! I randomly stumbled upon your blog and love it! Follow Me At

dw said...

thanks... glad it was a happy stumble!