Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dot dot dot

I'm feeling the polka dot at the's just one of those prints that is a bit childish and fun without necessarily being twee. Cause twee and I just don't mix - too much of that combined with my stature and it's all a bit 'aw, you're short, and wearing something dainty therefore I shall automatically deem you cute.' Non, merci.

(sources: cherry blossom girl, motionslow)


Roxanne Rosensteel said...

Wow I absolutely love those tights! Those are pretty much what I'm on the hunt for at the moment. Cute photos!

Diane said...

Haha, your commentary made me giggle.

I'm also digging dotted tights at the moment but have yet to go and actually look for some!

hannah said...

i love dots! they can sometimes be overdone, but also done well. those dot tights! i want a pair :)