Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gig gig jig

I'm super awkward when it comes to things like sharing musical tastes, only because music is so subjective and personal and people can be incredibly snobby about it. So I generally go merrily along with my personal collection of randomness on my ipod, roaming the streets of London with no one the wiser as to what tune I'm boppin' along to, enjoying my music in solitude. All that aside, I've semi-recently happened upon two musical acts that were too good not to share...

Exhibit A: Local Natives -- just got back from their small gig and it was ridiculously feel-good/ amazing. Lush rising and dropping dramatic pop with crazy percussion and melodious harmonizing galore. Er, ok, it's the best description I could come up with in five seconds. Here's an acoustic version of the aerial 'Airplanes' ... Listening to the non-acoustic version on their myspace is a must.

Exhibit B: Marina and the Diamonds -- a little Kate Bush-esque, a lazy comparison but it'll do. While my favorite song of hers, 'Seventeen' has no video, I kind of love this video for 'I Am Not A Robot', if only for the fact that I secretly desire to be covered in glitter paint and camouflage myself amongst the night's sky. The remixes of this tune ain't bad either.

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Fancy Pants said...

Thanks for writing about some of your favorite music, I am a now a fan of the two you wrote about.