Thursday, July 9, 2009

fall feelin'

Last night, it was rather a bit chillier than it has been here for the past few weeks, and I was wearing both a cardigan and scarf around the house when it hit me: I miss Fall. As in the season. It is probably my favorite season in terms of fashion. I love summer as a season for weather, but I get bored quite easily with it style-wise. Autumn is perfect because there is that slight nip in the air, meaning you have to start layering up but not too much so that all you are wearing is the same coat and terrible tights for four months. I don't necessarily want it to be Fall right at this very moment though, summer is not autumn, and I'd be perfectly happy to have last week's heat wave repeat itself and wait a couple months for cooler temperatures and cozier clothes. Even so, lately I've been more attracted to images that are rather this fella's outfit. I love the doubled up cardigan look, and how gut-wrenchingly glorious is that red, white and blue cardigan? My gut, it wrenches.

(photo from ici)

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